Our Story

For over a third of a century, DRB’s journey has been about helping entrepreneurs discover the American dream of running and growing a business. We supported – and often drove – an unprecedented era of growth in the car wash industry. With our support, car washes have limited weather impacts with unlimited wash plans, improved customer experiences with advanced technology and tapped hidden growth potential with data.

Now as a masterbrand that includes DRB Tunnel Solutions (formerly DRB Systems®), DRB In-Bay Solutions (formerly Unitec®) and Suds™, that tradition continues. With the same pioneering spirit that has driven us from the beginning, we are poised to help car washes maximize production and revenue while navigating new challenges such as ever-increasing competition, consolidation and rising consumer expectations.

The DRB team works together toward a singular goal: To help car washes squeeze every ounce of profitability out of their investments. 

Our Purpose
DRB sweats your assets. We love the car wash business as much as you do. Our sole purpose is to combine our passion, insights and innovations to deliver life-changing results.

Our Promise
To profitably grow car wash businesses by increasing uptime and throughput while building sustainable enterprises for generations.

Our Passion
We're passionate about car wash success. We want to cultivate unprecedented growth for each of our customers and the car wash industry as a whole.

Let’s EXPLORE GROWTH together, have some fun and take your car wash business beyond where you ever thought possible.

What D-R-B Means to You

DRB is more than a name. It’s how we deliver on our commitment to help car washes squeeze every ounce of profitability out of their businesses.

Data Insights & Solutions
With the largest install base of any car wash technology provider, we have an unrivaled ability to leverage data for car wash growth. We share aggregated data through content such as the Data Bytes video series to boost the industry. Our advanced technology gives car washes access to data to inform business decisions. And when they engage Suds to apply consumer behavior insights and predictive analysis to that data, they can discover uncharted paths to growth.

Reliable, Intuitive Software & Hardware Innovations
Our innovations are constantly pushing the industry forward. From advanced point-of-sale systems (POS) to the technology that has helped commercialize and advance unlimited wash plans, we’re always looking ahead. Using ongoing UX/UI studies to inform our development, we are rolling out the next generation of POS solutions.

Best-in-Class Team 
Our commitment to the car wash industry is evident in every interaction operators and distributors have with our staff, from our long-tenured sales experts through our highly vetted technical support team and beyond. Our Humble, Hungry and Smart culture means we work together to go the extra mile, we take responsibility for our mistakes while always striving for improvement, and we always treat our customers and partners how we want to be treated. 

The DRB Family

Headquartered in Akron, OH, with facilities in Boise, ID, and Elkridge, MD, DRB is a family of some of the most powerful brands in the car wash and related industries.

Formerly known as DRB Systems, DRB Tunnel Solutions is trusted by more top 50 conveyor car wash chains than all other technology providers combined.

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Formerly known as Unitec, DRB In-Bay Solutions has been providing innovative technology to the unattended and C-Store car wash market since 1983.

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Suds is a data-driven, consumer behavior company dedicated to optimizing revenue for car washers across the United States.

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Driverse Automotive Software
Driverse serves the quick lube and light repair industries with an innovative product line that includes eLube, Sage QuickTouch, Auto Data and Invomax. Learn More

Based in Boston, Washify is a leading provider of POS and marketing solutions that empower car washes to better attract and service customers while growing their businesses and increasing profits. Learn More