Car Wash Marketing Strategies Based on Data, Not Guesswork

The right point-of sale system can give you more data than you can imagine. But all that data is worthless if you can’t digest it, interpret it and act on it. Our partner Suds can help you harness your data and turn it into insights that you can use to grow your car wash business. Suds works exclusively with car washes, so they know the industry and have an amazing track record of helping operators of all sizes and experience levels drive more revenue and effectively scale their businesses.

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"It's been great meeting and getting to know the team at Suds. We look forward to the success of our future locations with grand openings and ongoing maintenance with our team and the Suds team."

- Danny Daniele, Owner/Operator, Royal Car Wash


Established Operators - Accelerate Growth

Whether you have one site or one hundred, Suds will work with you to reinvigorate your brand, increase your membership base, stave off competition and ultimately grow your bottom lines 

New Operators - Get Off the Ground

Suds will take your car wash business from zero to 60, helping you envision, build and launch new sites. Together we will create a customer-friendly brand that will stand out in the market while developing growth-focused marketing strategies to ensure maximum membership acquisition post-opening

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What's Next?

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