Easily Managing Rapid Staff Growth

March 18, 2018

The Challenge

Scott Blackstock’s Tidal Wave Auto Spa continues to grow. The chain has 17 sites operating in the states of Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. This success presented the chain with the challenge of how to better manage their personnel processes.

Managers were becoming bogged down in red tape. The hiring process was becoming time-consuming and inefficient. Once hired, scheduling the team consisted of managers tracking shift and vacation requests manually on an excel spreadsheet. What could be done to help Tidal Wave find, hire and onboard new team members in a fast and efficient process?

The Solution

DRB Tunnel Solutions’ PeopleBuilder Hire and Schedule modules were implemented to help Tidal Wave hire and onboard 50 team members in 6 months.

The Hire module has made viewing applications easier for Tidal Wave. Instead of leafing through and sorting paper applications, Managers can now glance at an Applicant Dashboard and quickly see a list of all applicants and how each one scored on the assessment. With a click, the manager can view the full application, resume and references. One more click will sort the most promising candidates into a pool of interest. PeopleBuilder has a feature that includes a link to the employment search engine Indeed, so when Tidal Wave opts to use it, they see a substantial increase in applications.

Tidal Wave is particularly impressed with PeopleBuilder’s ability to handle background checks. The software has email templates built in that Tidal Wave can customize with their own information. The Manager can send an email to an applicant to request consent for a background check. Once the consent is received the background screen request is automatically sent to Tidal Wave’s background check vendor. The result of the background check is often received within 24 hours or less. This allows the Hiring Manager to quickly move from Interview to Hire. The system also prompts you if a step is skipped, which helps Tidal Wave stay compliant with e-Verify and I-9 documentation.

The Schedule module has helped Tidal Wave Managers create and share the week’s schedule with their teams. The schedule includes a free app that allows all team members to communicate instantly with one another. Through the app, team members can request time off or request a shift swap with a fellow employee. This frees managers from having to keep paper or email records of requests and makes team members more responsible for their own schedules.

The Result

The module has streamlined the time it takes to find, hire and onboard a team member. Much of their paperwork has been eliminated and their people processes have become faster, easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective.

Tidal Wave owner, Scott Blackstock, sums up his team’s assessment of PeopleBuilder: “Moving from a paper process to PeopleBuilder has helped us fill staffing needs more quickly. No one likes paperwork, and PeopleBuilder streamlines those time-consuming chores. We really do see a great value in PeopleBuilder, and the implementation support from DRB is excellent.”

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