Take the Paper out of your People Processes

PeopleBuilder is a workforce management solution that has been customized for the car wash industry. Streamline your hiring, training and scheduling with PeopleBuilder. 

Learn how Tidal Wave Auto Spa has made people processes faster, easier, more efficient and more cost-effective with PeopleBuilder.

Save Time
PeopleBuilder automates your most tedious human resources tasks, leaving you with more time to run and plan for your business.

Improve Employee Satisfaction
Deficient hiring, training and scheduling procedures can all weigh on employee morale and performance. PeopleBuilder alleviates these issues. 

Enhance Customer Experience
By improving your people processes, you can ensure that you have a full, quality crew on duty to provide excellent service to your customers.

DRB Hire™

Don’t waste time on the wrong candidates. DRB Hire helps you find the ideal candidates and automates the entire hiring process with online applications, applicant tracking capabilities, background checks, I-9 verification and more.

DRB Learn™

Make your team’s training program more convenient, efficient and consistent. DRB Learn lets you upload content, schedule training and evaluate your team’s understanding of critical material.

DRB Schedule™

Control labor costs and keep your team running efficiently. DRB Schedule helps you easily build, share and update schedules and gives you real-time information on labor costs.