Wash More. Worry Less.

With patented video and advanced computer technology, NoPileups is the most innovative car wash tunnel optimization system available. It allows you to increase capacity while preventing the in-tunnel collisions that are becoming more common due to the growing number of vehicles with Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) systems.

NoPileups works with most tunnel controllers, so you don’t have to be a DRB® customer to use the system.

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Wash More Cars
With NoPileups on duty to prevent in-tunnel collisions, you can confidently load vehicles at optimum levels, allowing you to wash more cars during your peak hours.

Reduce Downtime
Every collision in your tunnel stops production and increases wait times. NoPileups reduces those collisions and allows you to quickly address and fix any collision threats.

Improve Reputation 
Word of a collision in your tunnel can spread fast thanks to social media. NoPileups prevents those reputation-killing posts and provides your customers with faster service.

Avoid Damage Costs
By preventing collisions, NoPileups limits damage claims. When a collision does occur, NoPileups gives you the video evidence to prove driver error.

Enhance Tunnel Performance
Use NoPileups reports to identify and fix problem areas in your tunnel. Our team also monitors your system and will notify you if they identify potential issues in your tunnel.

Decrease Employee Turnover
Employees are often tasked with watching for and preventing accidents. They shoulder the blame and customer complaints when accidents do occur. NoPileups relieves that stress and keeps good employees from leaving.

Learn how NoPileups Helped Autobell Car Wash Increase Uptime and Revenue


In-Tunnel Collision Prevention
Unlike other anti-collision systems that use loop pads or other types of sensors to determine where a vehicle should be, NoPileups uses video and advanced computer technology to track where the vehicle actually is in the tunnel. NoPileups protects cars across the entire length of the tunnel. It automatically stops the conveyor when a collision threat is detected and takes a 15-20 second video so you can identify the cause of the issue.

Smart Exit With Smart Exit, NoPileups protection extends beyond the end of the conveyor, monitoring 10-15 feet beyond traditional tunnel exit collision avoidance systems. Smart Exit detects when vehicles stopped at the end of the conveyor create a collision threat, automatically stopping the conveyor to prevent the collision and restarting it when the situation clears. Relying on NoPileups computer vision rather than loops or photo eye sensors prevents the false positives that often plague other systems.

Smart Exit is perfect for tunnels with tight egresses onto busy roads, belt conveyors, high-volume tunnels and full-service tunnels where cars must wait for aftercare services.

Monitoring and Support
In addition to your NoPileups technology, you will receive support and monitoring services from our industry-leading service team that:

  • Available seven days a week
  • Makes routine adjustments to fine-tune NoPileups for your unique environment
  • Reviews and categorizes videos of each tunnel stop
  • Assists with camera, NoPileups software and hardware troubleshooting
  • Provides you with video footage when requested
  • Monitors the NoPileups server on your site to ensure uptime
  • Performs routine software updates and server maintenance

Delivered to your inbox every Wednesday, these reports provide new insights about your wash so you can optimize your operations. Reporting is included at no additional cost with an active NoPileups Support Agreement.

  • Compare productivity indicators for multiple locations so you can identify and duplicate efficiencies
  • See how close vehicles are loaded during peak hours to ensure you are maximizing throughput
  • Identify and address what causes stops so you can keep your conveyor running
  • Discover which locations have the most collisions prevented to better understand how to fix common issues
  • Know when Smart Exit is stopping vehicles at the end of the tunnel so you can address bottlenecks
  • Have reports sent to key team members with only the locations that are relevant to them

Request NoPileups reporting by emailing Support@NoPileups.com or calling (833) 667-4538. 

NoPileups in Action

See for yourself how NoPileups reacts when it detects a collision threat in the car wash tunnel.

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For NoPileups Support, please contact us at 833-667-4538 or support@nopileups.com.

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